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Why us!

MetClap is the brand you can trust for high-quality board games for your little champs. In a time when every kid is stuck with online games and videos, MetClap want kids to learn things in a captivating way, so they stay connected to the real world. So if you’re looking to shake things up and add more fun to your kid’s life with zero screen time, and more learning, MetClap is your destination. Our board games benefit kids in significant ways. The screen-free time encourages little ones to acquire patience and develop critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. Your child is capable of many unimaginable things, and we make sure they unleash their powers with our board games. Our board games make the child confident, self-reliant, creative, kind, and disciplined! We design all the games after a lot of research and conceptualization. In short, your kid’s future is safe with our board games.



About us


Ditch digital! Patch up with the real world!

With schools closed during significant periods of the pandemic, kids started spending hours and hours on different gadgets, keeping their hands and minds occupied with online games, and videos. However, there are other ways to keep your kids entertained and having fun besides the online world. So to keep the kids away from the screen and make their life less complicated and fun, MetClap presents games and toys that not only are fun but also teach soft skills to these young minds such as communication, problem-solving, leadership skills and collaboration. Our products assist children develop their sense of values and give them a wider view on the world. We believe that the best form of learning comes from playing. Do you want to join us in fun learning?



Our games are for all!


We know that you’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to help your kids learn. So our games help the overall development of your kid and you can have great family time too! Isn’t that interesting? Games that can unite the family, plus help your kid to grow in all the best ways.




Who doesn’t want to teach in creative ways! We all love learning in mind boggling ways that can make our heart beat go faster and teach us interesting things. And our board games are an easy way to encourage healthy brain development.



A toy is the like sky, that gives limitless happiness, peace and love to kids